Sunday, April 13, 2014

What I'd like to learn about Typography

The moment someone says the word "Typography" I tend to lock up a bit. Yes, expressive type and the manipulation of text into logos and design is what brought me into this program. On the other hand the manipulation and alteration or creation with type seems to be my kryptonite. I've been making an effort to teach myself the different things I can do with already created font as well as creating my own. Ultimately I would really like to be able to have more knowledge of fonts and how to manipulate them to create what I see in my head. 

The basics are instilled and have been practiced from there I guess the best way to describe my struggle is the creativity behind the letters. Give me an object, item, etc and I can eventually come up with some design that I can push forward with. Give me the letter "K" for example and tell me to create a logo to represent a blanket manufacturer and my mind just seems to stop! The best fix I suppose is spending the time each day to practice my creativity with letters. As with all design work, practice and continual stimulation is what will help a designer grow from within. 

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